From car park solar PV systems to smart batteries that make your energy system more efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly, with recycling and retrofitting solutions.

At Electrium, we offer a diverse range of plug-and-play solutions designed to revolutionize energy management and storage. Our innovative approach empowers businesses and communities to achieve peak efficiency, reliability, and environmental sustainability.

Discover the power of Electrium’s energy management solutions today. Whether you’re looking to enhance sustainability, improve reliability, or drive operational excellence, our comprehensive range of solutions is here to meet your needs. Get in touch with us and unlock the potential of smarter energy management for a brighter tomorrow.

Our fully integrated and ready-to-use batteries offer energy storage solutions that ensure maximum system efficiency and profitability.

Our fully integrated plug-and-play solar PV cark park systems with battery storage solutions ensure maximum system efficiency and effectiveness. They have been optimized at every component level to provide optimal system performance, minimize operating costs, and reduce your carbon footprint, with additional recycling and retrofitting solutions.

Whether you want to power a microgrid, enhance the reliability of a hybrid system, or simply optimize your business case through intelligent energy management, our solutions are at your service!

With no initial investment and competitive rental costs, our battery storage systems ensure 24/7 reliability and complete peace of mind : services, remote monitoring, and performance guarantees included.

If our battery doesn’t meet your expectations, call us, and we’ll come to retrieve it.

Our solution is a ready-to-install energy storage system that includes everything needed in a standard 20-foot container.

This includes batteries, an inverter, HVAC system, fire protection solution, and auxiliary components, all tested by our experts and operated by the smartest software on the market.

Our rental contracts are a minimum of six months and billed annually.

Conditions can easily be adjusted to meet your business needs or changing market conditions.

Units can be easily combined to provide the power and energy capacity required for your operation.

Our solution is supplied in 1 to 5 MW blocks with durations of 30 or 60 minutes.

It can cover various applications, all essential for a more flexible, reliable, and cost-effective power supply.

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